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A note for Lesson no. 5, "Your Brain Secretly Works With Other Brains," in Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain by Lisa Feldman Barrett.
Some context from page 86‌ is:

We may be healthier and live longer if we have close relationships, but we also get sick and die earlier when we persistently feel lonely....

To understand the link between loneliness and illness, researchers compiled a statistical summary findings from 70 studies, called a meta-analysis. The analysis combined data from over 3.4 million people who took part in longitudinal studies to examine the effect of perceived loneliness, living alone, and social isolation on mortality. On average, test subjects were 66 years old when their study began, but some samples included middle-aged adults as well. The studies ranged in duration but lasted, on average, 7 years.

On average (adjusting for age, gender and other demographics), people were 29% more likely to die within the study period if they were socially isolated, 32% more likely to die if they lived alone, and 26% more likely die if they experienced loneliness. (When adjusting only for age and gender, the odds of dying earlier rose to about 50%, and the unadjusted data suggest that people who were socially isolated were 83% more likely to die within the study period.) Loneliness and living alone posed a greater risk for middle-age adults than in older adults.[1]

Many other studies have replicated the link between loneliness and illness, or loneliness and earlier death, particularly in older adults.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8]

For a review, see these references.[9][10][11]

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