Errata for Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain

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Last updated 2022–09–29

The page numbers refer to the US first edition (hardcover) of Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain.

Lesson Page Location Correction Fixed in which edition?
5 83 Last line of text The final word on the page, people's, appears in boldface. It should not be bold. Paperback
Kindle e-book
U.K. hardcover
5 92 Final paragraph, lines 7-8:

"healthful, saturated fats"

It should say:

"healthful unsaturated fats"

Appendix 151 Appendix note for page 47, line 3:

"the blind, bald little peanuts"

It should say:

"The blind, helpless little peanuts"

because guinea pig babies are not bald.
Red X.png Not fixed yet
Appendix 165 Appendix note for page 120, line 6:

"the alpha will kill"

It should say:

"the alpha may kill"

[FYI, the link provided at the end of the paragraph,, provides more detail and references.]
Index 170 The entry:

dopamine, 36

It should say:

dopamine, 36, 106